New Painting Service Vehicle

painting service vehicle

Just got a new Van for work. It’s the smaller Ford Transit Connect but it has more room inside then you realize when you look at the vehicle from the outside. The original plan was to deck it out with shelving inside but after using it to transport cabinet doors and drawers, I think I will leave the inside uncluttered and while it’s still a painting service vehicle, it’s primarily getting used for moving cabinet parts and equipment.

The vehicle goes in June 10th to get tagged up with our logo, etc. We have a great logo and I like showing it off. Having it on this van will be nice!

I think the only thing I don’t like about this van is the radio. There is nothing really wrong with it. I have become accustomed to a radio with bluetooth which this radio is without. It’s nice to listen to your playlist while driving. A radio upgrade is in the works!

I suggest getting floor mats as soon as possible. Good ones like weather guard. I did that with this van but didn’t with my Mitsubishi and now the factory mats are worn. Seat covers are a good idea too but get pretty pricey.

It’s fun to have a new vehicle and when it helps with production/work it’s even better.

The next painting service vehicle will have to be much bigger. I like the Isuzu NPR’s. I’m putting a bulls eye on one of those next and it will have to have a lift gate for sure! I can’t imagine how anyone gets equipment into one of those without a lift gate. The floor at the back of one of those are chest high.

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