Painting Doors

Painting doors. lot’s and lot’s of doors. Putting stickers on painted doors is never a good idea. With the covid virus many hotels started sanitizing rooms and then placing stickers on the door indicating that it had been thoroughly cleaned. Makes the customer feel “safe”. The problem with this is the stickers damage the doors. This is a problem for a hotel and a big problem for a big hotel.

The doors have to be prepped out and repainted. When working on a hotel with 600 rooms, that’s a challenge.

Since the doors had a high gloss finish and were previously sprayed. They have to be sprayed again. This is a bit of a challenge in a high traffic hotel.

Paint odor is a concern, overspray, customer traffic…

Painting doors

Fortunately we can get the rooms in blocks which will minimize traffic flow. We masked the doors out and protected the surrounding areas. The damaged areas needed to be sanded down. We used an auto body glazing material. Sanded that down and primed a couple times. Put two finish coats and cleaned up.

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