Wall From Hell

Neutral tint base is something to avoid if possible. If you don’t know what that is, it is essentially a clear paint base into which colorant is added to achieve the color you want. This type of base is typically used to make vivid colors. The biggest problem from a painters perspective is they take multiple coats to achieve hide and a uniform color.

Paint manufacturers recognize this and some have colored bases for certain colors like red. One of the best products I have seen come and unfortunately go was the Accent Color Base line that Pittsburg Paints (PPG) had. The decision to end this product line was sad. Regardless of the color they had a base that would tint correctly and not require multiple coats. There were many commercial jobs we did that required this great line of bases.

Hate this wall

We recently had a commercial job in Omaha Nebraska that had a very bright accent wall. Two of them actually. Bright Orange. I knew this would never work with a neutral tint base so I went to Pittsburg Paints biggest competitor, Sherwin Williams. They don’t have an Accent Tint Base line but what they do have was an exterior paint line that was available in a vivid yellow base. They didn’t have a lot of it; I had to drive to Lincoln Nebraska to get a couple gallons. This was expensive paint by anyone’s standards.

I figured we would be good to go with this product. Certainly better then a neutral tint. I was wrong. The two walls took seven (7) coats. That is a record. The only good thing was that it dried in a reasonable time frame. Neutral tint bases take longer to dry and are often tacky or sticky for some time. The hide with a neutral tint base is analagous to painting with water and food coloring.

This job takes the record for number of coats to finish the job. Second place goes to a commercial job many years ago. A Wendy’s restaurant. Back then there wasn’t and red base available and the restaurant had a red band that ran around the top of the building. I knew it would be an issue so I started two painters side by side painting that stripe. One went left and the other right. They went round and round that store. I know it was many times but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t seven times.

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